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Why Football Is The Best Sport In The World

Why Football Is The Best Sport In The World

Human Beings love to indulge in physical activities, which is the reason why they love sports. There are over thousands of physical game played by individuals on an everyday basis. While some love cricket, some are baseball lovers and some love tennis or Hockey. But the sport which stands out the best and the most popular among all is football.

Football is the love of millions of people. Several individuals start practising football as early as at the age of 3, as their only dream is to represent the state or the country as a football player. Such is the craze of football. There are several international levels and league football matches which go on every year.

Why Football Is The Best Sport In The World
Why Football Is The Best Sport In The World

Let us look at why this sport is so popular among people.

Passion Of Football

One thing which makes football the best sport of all is passion. The love stands for both- the players who play the matches as well as the fans who support the teams. Every single game, whether its league or international, the stadium gets filled with thousands of spectators. Not a single seat remain empty during a football match. Same goes with viewers who watch the game on television or the internet. The TRP of the television channel goes high, which shows the live broadcast of the match. Such is the craze and the passion for this sport.


The rivalry between many of the two teams of this sport is decades long. And when two rival teams clash off with each other, nothing can be more exciting and thrilling to watch. There is hate, there is jealousy, and there is intense tension when two rival teams meet against each other. The examples of best rivalry matches are Manchester United Vs Liverpool and Manchester United Vs Barcelona. Rivalries happen either due to the excellent performance of both the teams or some cruel history between the two teams in the past.

There Is No Age Limit In Football

Age is not a bar for playing a football match. Whether you are 3 or 30m or even 60, you can shoot the ball with your legs. If you have the stamina, confidence and energy, you can play this sport.  There is no limitation of age bar of entering into a league or international team. If you are good at skills, you can join any football league.

Why Football Is The Best Sport In The World
Why Football Is The Best Sport In The World

Promotion Of The Game

No other game gets more publicity than this sport do. The league games of this sport are the most popular among many other sports. Millions of dollars of money get spent in the promotional activities of these league games. Moreover, good players may earn millions of dollars of cash through this league game. Such is the way of promotion and the richness of this sport. When there are international matches, the ways of promotion gets one move above the notch. Famous Hollywood celebrities and singers dance and sing in the tournaments while the prominent reporters cover the most important stories.

Thus, this sport is the most famous sport all around the globe.

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