Top 3 Latest Brazil Soccer News In 2020

Brasil Soccer News

In Brazil, the challenging game of soccer is football or in Portuguese it’s futebol. The game is so intricately integrated with the country that most of the world views the country through the lens of Brazilian National Football Team. Since the game was brought to this nation one hundred and fourteen years ago, Brazil has made the sports into a tool and an art form of social solidarity. Brazil is considered one of the best football nations, if not the best with its five world championships. Therefore, any news related Brazilian soccer will be big. Here are the three latest Brazilian soccer news.

The Creation of another Soccer Star

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The making of another Brazilian star Ilsinho is quite the eye catcher in the game against Miami on a rainy night in Chester. Whereas the opposition has their own star, Union has their star too even though that was not reflected in the score. It seems like sometimes, he wants to be surrounded by the defenders as he was here, and just got the ball, passed it to Brenden Aaronson who was on the sideline. Aaronson was forced to dribble backward as he was trapped. So he passed it to Ilsinho, slipped past the defender where Ilsinho found him again.

Aaronson passed the ball to Monteiro who slipped the ball to Przybylko. In the meantime, Ilsinho is running behind a Miami defender, meets the cross of Przybylko, and slams the ball to the nest. The Union now has a 2-0 point lead. Ilsinho had signed his one-year contract with the Union this January.

Brazil Soccer Star Pele Mourns the Loss of Maradona

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After hearing the confirmation on Wednesday that Argentina’s star player Diego Maradona has died at only age sixty of a heart attack, the Brazilian soccer star Pele mourned the loss of Maradona. Pele prays to play a ball in the sky above someday, as the star said to Reuters in a statement.

Argentine legend Diego Maradona died of a heart attack at the age of sixty as his lawyer said on Wednesday. Maradona had currently battled various health problems and also underwent emergency surgery for subdural hematoma many weeks ago. The president of Argentina has announced three days of national mourning.

Neymar Ruled out of the Football Qualifier

Neymar has been ruled out of Brazil’s Worldcup’s qualifier round against Uruguay because of his injury. He sustained a serious injury to the groin while he was playing for Paris-Saint-German in a game of Champions League.

On Thursday, Brazil’s Soccer Confederation had confirmed that he will not play on Tuesday in the South American Qualifying round. Last week, PSG coach Thomas Tuchel stated that Neymar can’t play due to the severeness of his injury.


In this article, we have discussed the three latest news related to Brazilian soccer or popularly known as Brazilian Football. From Maradona’s death to the rising star Ilsinho to the injury of Neymar, we have covered the most vital and recent news regarding Brazilian Soccer.

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