Things You Should Know About Soccer Jerseys -

Things You Should Know About Soccer Jerseys

Things You Should Know About Soccer Jerseys

If you are among those crazy soccer fans just like me, you might definitely have dreamt of wearing those beautiful looking soccer jerseys and getting onto the court like a pro! But do you know when were the soccer jerseys worn the first time? Read on to know more…

History Of Soccer Jerseys

Soccer is undoubtedly the most popular sport on the planet. For the sake of numbers, over 250 million play football in over 200 countries worldwide. And mind you, 250 million is a mind-boggling number by any means, you bet!

People started playing soccer from as early as the eighth century. Football underwent a lot of changes over the centuries and after all that, it is of the form you and I see today.

Around the year 1870, football started gaining insane popularity and the media houses started showing interest in the game. It soon started to be professionally played and football courts were established all over England and the world. The football courts soon turned into stadiums, where you and I cheer for our favorite teams and enjoy the game today!

The professional football tournaments attracted a lot of enthusiasts into the football courts. People gathered in large numbers to watch the game, but one challenge that they faced included identifying the players. To overcome this challenge, soccer jerseys were introduced.

Features Of Soccer Jerseys

Things You Should Know About Soccer Jerseys
Things You Should Know About Soccer Jerseys

A soccer jersey is knitted clothing. Unlike cardigans, it doesn’t open at the front. It is usually made of either cotton or wool. According to the football regulatory authority, it can be either full-sleeved or half.

A soccer jersey must clearly display any number from 1 to 99 on the front and back. It is upon the player’s wish to have any number of his choice to display on his jersey. What’s your favorite player’s jersey number?

While designing the jersey, it is very important for the tailor to ensure that the jersey is long enough to reach the top of the pants and the stomach or back of the player is not visible. The player is allowed to tuck in the jersey into his pants.

Another interesting feature of a jersey is that it protects the player from the heat! The material of jersey helps to maintain the body temperature.

The Complete Jersey Kit

Things You Should Know About Soccer Jerseys
Things You Should Know About Soccer Jerseys

A typical soccer jersey kit contains 5 basic items. They are – a shirt (also known as a jersey), knee-length trousers, socks, shoes, and shin pads.

Shin pads are also known as shin guards. Players should wear these shin pads in order to protect themselves. A shinbone is a bone between the knee and the toe.

Modern Day Jerseys And Availability

Although football originated in England, people throughout the world now recognize and play the game. Over the years, the craze for football has only increased. Millions of fans follow the sport every day, which has led to the growth of the merchandise business. These days, you can find your favorite football team’s authentic jerseys available in the market.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to sport a jersey too, just search online for your favorite team’s soccer jersey and I’m sure you’ll find one at a decent price. Alternatively, you can get one at your nearest sports store too! So why wait? Sport your favorite team’s jersey and feel yourself to be a pro player too!

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