Things You Don’t Know About Barcelona Soccer Club

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Barcelona soccer is famous all over the world. They are known for their team spirit and fantastic player qualities. However, there are certain things about the Barcelona soccer team or ClubClub that no one knows about. In this article, I will tell you about all the secrets and facts that they are hiding from all of us. Get excited because you are going to read some fantastic things.

Barcelona Has More than One Club

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Now, this is one thing that not many people know. Barcelona has another team of football players. Further, this team too enjoys excellent support from the city, The RSD Espanyol. People formed the group in 1900. Also, it was the first team in Spain that had all the Spanish players in it.

They Invented Their Style Of Play

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Barcelona has a distinctive style of play known as tiki-taka and total football philosophy. Johann Cruyff invented the technique.

He was both a player of the team and served as its manager too.

Club Members Own The Club

Now, FC Barcelona is among the few clubs in the world that its club members own. All of the members together form the governing body of the ClubClub. It is a great club to be part of. Also, it was ranked as the second most valuable ClubClub in the world by Forbes magazine.

Local Supporters Rarely Attend The Home Game

Though the ClubClub is trendy at home and abroad, the Camp Nou stadium games are less than a lively atmosphere. The games are shown at bars and cafes across the city. But only a few of the locals head to the stadium to witness the game.

Many people claim that it is because of the high prices of the tickets. Also, the tickets are high owing to its popularity among the tourists.

The Second Most Popular Team In Europe

From a survey taken, most Europeans have states that their second most favorite team is FC Barcelona. The ClubClub has won the hearts of several people. Further, it is one of the most popular teams on social media.

The Supporters Of The Team Are Called ‘the arses’

This unique nickname is said to hold its origins in the early days of the ClubClub, back when they used to play in their first stadium in Les Corts’ neighborhood. Rumour was that the supporters in the stadium’s top row would sit with their behinds dangling over the stand, resulting in passersby noticing nothing but row after row of ‘

A Swiss Man Founded The Club.

Despite its close association with Catalan identity, the Club was started by a Swiss entrepreneur, Hans Gamper – who also co-founded FC Zürich. Keen to form a local team, he placed an advert in a local newspaper suggesting a local gymnasium meeting attended by 11 people. He later became club president and changed his name to Joan Gamper to make it easier for locals to pronounce his name.


So these were some interesting things about the Barcelona soccer team that no one knew about. I hope you find this article interesting. Keep reading this space for more such interesting articles.

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