The Offside Rule In Soccer – Know All About The Rule And How It Will Work

offsides rules in soccer

Soccer is simply known as simple football played with a spherical ball and in the game of soccer, each team incorporates 11 players and is known as one of the world’s most popular sports. In the game of soccer, a team is basically split into three categories namely defender, mid-fielder, and forward, and players can move anywhere on the pitch. 

Now, try to understand the toughest rule in footballs/soccer – the offside rule in soccer.

Know The Hidden And Complex Offside Rule In Soccer And Know To Doge It 


It is said that the offside rule for the game of soccer is one of the complex and tough rules to understand. The rules for any game are mostly simple but the offside rule in soccer is not that simple to understand. When football rules were formalized, the offside rule was made to scare off players from always lurking around the opposition so that they could grab the scoring opportunity. This rule is meant to increase the element of strategy and skill in soccer and football games. Here let us understand this

  • It is mandatory that when an attacking player is on the move, the opposition half must have two other team players (including the goalkeeper) when the pass is being played to him.
  • Earlier there were three-player instead of two and the opposition’s goal was to avoid being on the offside, we can say that it has been amended over the years.
  • If the player is found in an offside position is not an offense, but if the player intervenes with the game from an offside position. The game will be immediately stopped and team Y and the other team get a free kick. This was all we can say about an offside rule in soccer. 

Know about the exception to the offside Rule in soccer 

  • These exceptions will  make you understand more about the offside rules in soccer 
  • If a player is found in an off-side position in his team on half and this was the exact time,e when the player from the opposite team plays the pass, this will not be considered as an offense. 
  • If not in an off-side position, the player is considered to be onside. The off-side rule in soccer only applies during free kicks and corner kicks.
  • If a player is cutting the ball back and is closer to the opposite team goal, than the opposite team player, this will not be considered an offside offense  


Once you start playing soccer, there’s no going back and you will be able to understand more about the offside rule in soccer very easily.

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