The Most Essential Soccer Gear for Girls

A close up of a football field

Soccer is one of the most exciting games in terms of intensity, energy, and a lot of charisma. It is no doubt that soccer remains the number 1 sport in terms of popularity charts. The attraction of this sport is so amazing that it attracts enthusiasts across all genders. While tees and tops are the obvious essentials for any sport, in this article we tell you about the important soccer gear for girls that help them to perform and play optimally and confidently on the ground. 

Boots and Socks 

A young boy holding a football ball on a field

Playing soccer and constantly improving the game requires one to practice regularly and intensely. This makes a good pair of boots or cleats a highly essential soccer gear for girls. The soccer shoes are different than shoes used in other sports as the game involves a good amount of running and ground coverage. Apart from being very light and comfortable, these need to ensure no-slip via the metal studs’ place on the bottom. All important sporting brands such as Nike, Asics, and Adidas make good quality soccer cleats for men and women. 

Another important essential among the soccer gear for girls are a good pair of socks. Unlike most of the other sportsmen, soccer players use socks that are knee-length. These socks need to be extremely comfortable, provide a padded cushion, and also absorb moisture. This is because the players have to run a lot and have experience regular sweat releases. This sweat absorbing capacity is an essential feature of the girl’s soccer socks. 

Shin-Guards and Sliders 

Shin-guards are a very important soccer gear for girls in both matches and practice sessions. They may take a few sessions to get habituated but are very important to prevent injuries.  These shin-guards often protect the bones and soft-tissues from injuries in case the players fall on the ground, colliding with the fellow players, or get hit by the ball traveling at high speed. This makes them a very crucial soccer gear for girls as well as boys, amateurs as well as professionals.

Sliders are a pair of padded leather compression shorts often used by players under the main shorts. They cover your legs and prevent injuries and bleeding while one slides and dives on the ground. More than boys these are the useful soccer gear for girls in their game. Soccer is a highly adrenaline-driven sport and requires a lot of running both in defense as well as attack. These sliders help to prevent injuries and ensure that one plays with confidence on the ground.

Sports Bras

Soccer is a high impact and pretty exhausting sport. For the professional as well as amateur matches or in practice sessions the sports bras form a very important soccer gear for girls. They ensure that girls don’t feel uncomfortable while running around the ground and hitting the best passes and strikes. These sports bars should be padded and lightweight as well as seat absorbing. They also give the female players the essential confidence to change their jerseys on the ground if required.

These are the most essential elements of the soccer gear for girls. Do get your outfits and start hitting the ground for practice and matches. 

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