The Comprehensive Guide About Pro Football Weekly Magazine

Pro Football Weekly Magazine

What Is Pro Football Weekly Magazine?

Pro Football Weekly Magazine is an online American sports magazine, based in Chicago, Illinois. It is a joint venture of the Pro Football Writers of America (PFW) and ESPN. It was first owned by Pro Football Week magazine, which closed briefly in 1997. But it has since reopened in partnership with Shaw Communications in 2020.

Like many sports magazines, it features articles, columns, photographs, interviews, and more about popular sports and players. It is a website that also features news stories, analysis, and player biographies. It is not solely about the NFL but also has sections on other sports including college basketball and soccer.

How Is The Content OF This Magazine?

The Best Pro Football Weekly Magazine
The Best Pro Football Weekly Magazine

Like all magazines dedicated to sports, the contents are quite focused on sports, particularly players. However, it covers a number of fields, such as politics, celebrities, business, science, education, film, etc. However, the main focus of the publication is on the sports of the National Football League (NFL). The publication also has sections dedicated to international sports, such as the World Cup and Olympics, as well as sections that cover international events, like the Asian Games and the Olympics. You will enjoy reading this magazine.

Despite the name of the publication, it is not actually published by the Pro Football Hall of Fame. PFW works with the NFL on a voluntary basis, as part of a partnership between the two. The aim of the publication is to enhance the NFL’s image, raise awareness about the game, increase the audience for the game, and give fans a glimpse of the lives of the players.

Which Celebrities Are The Part Of This Magazine?

There have been numerous instances where celebrities and professional athletes are the parts of this publication. They include such people as former Chicago Bears running back Cedric Maxwell, Michael J Fox, Pamela Anderson, and Tommy Lee Jones. Among the most well-known athletes in the pages of this publication are those who are not athletes like actor Billy Crystal and soccer legend Pele.

Which Subjects Are Covered In This Magazine?

News Of Pro Football Weekly Magazine
News Of Pro Football Weekly Magazine

Unlike other publications that are dedicated to a particular sport, this weekly magazine covers a wide range of subjects. However, unlike some publications that are only particular one aspect of a sport. This magazine includes sports news, sports stories, celebrity stories, sports columns, and a complete schedule of games, and events. For example, there are different section for the NFL playoffs, NFL draft picks, NFL player rankings, the NFL draft, NFL coaches awards, NBA and college basketball schedules, the NHL playoffs, NASCAR races, baseball schedules, NASCAR races, NBA schedule, NCAA bracketology, and much more. In simpler words, you’ll come to know about professionalism in football.

Final Words

Despite its focus on sports, the publication does not shy away from covering other aspects of sports either. The magazine features articles, reviews, columns, photographs, interviews, and more on issues concerning the entertainment industry, arts, business, politics, environment, education, travel, etc. It is a website that is both informative and entertaining at the same time. It provides readers with all the information that a fan needs to keep informed about his favorite team and sport.

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