Soccer Yellow Cards Rules – Important Information That You Should Know About

soccer yellow cards rules

If you are a fan of soccer then it is obvious that you would know about the soccer yellows and black cards. These two colors are very important in this game and if any of the players get injured in the field then these two colors will come to your rescue. Black and yellow cards when combined can reduce the possibility of losing a game easily. In order to get knowledge on these two colors one must have proper knowledge of soccer and the rules of soccer.

History Of Soccer

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Soccer is a well known game and it has been played since long years ago. There are various teams and leagues playing the game and they consist of many players. It is due to the number of players on a team that there is a risk of an injury to some extent. It is due to this factor that the doctor must be consulted and emergency treatment must be sought immediately.

The Emergencies Of Game

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This emergency treatment is for the player only and if the player is not well then it is the duty of the doctor to send him to hospital. This is the only reason why the soccer governing body of the country has made a rule that a player cannot leave the field until the doctor confirms that he is fit to play. The game is being played in different countries and continents around the world. With the help of technology and computers a match can be played online, which makes it very easy for fans to watch their favorite game.

There are certain rules that govern this game and these rules are published by the F.C. Soccer and they are also enforced by the government of the country. The most common rule regarding injuries is that if a yellow card is shown to any of the players by way of a tackle or any form of attempt to push the ball from the goal keeper then he must leave the field. This act of disliking the ball and pushing it out of the goal keeper’s hands is considered to be dangerous to the players.

Player With Yellow Card Has To Leave The Ground

The other rule is that a player who receives a yellow card must leave the field and if he does not leave he will be given another card. The number of cards that players receive is decided by an internal committee of the F.C. Soccer and this depend on the results of the games that they play. So, sometimes a player will receive two cards for tackles and at other times three or four will be given.

Another rule in this regard is that if any of the players receive three cards in a game and they do not have to leave the field then a fourth card can be given to them. The fourth card is usually a red card and it means that the player will have to go off and will not be allowed to play for thirty minutes. This will be the last card that he will receive during the game. The players receiving a red card will have to leave the field and their team will have to wait until the players with the next red cards have left the field before they can start again. This rule is strictly followed in most soccer games around the world and it is very easy to see why it is one of the most well known soccer rules.


Soccer is a game that is played between two teams of fifteen players each. Because of the small number of players it is much easier for the referee to monitor the game than it would be if there were many more people in the game. This is why there are rules that have to be followed during the game. These rules help to keep the game as fair as possible and give it a feel that it is a real game that people would enjoy. Soccer yellow cards rules are there to help keep the game exciting for those people who are playing the game and making sure that it stays true to its rules and regulations.

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