Soccer Tactics; Attacking, Defending and Tapping

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Soccer has for many years been played as a leisure sport and it is also a favourite with the professionals who can make a full time living out of it. There are countless players of different ages and varying levels of experience, who can all claim to be professional. It is the level of skill, strength and endurance that characterises the great players of this game.

It is these players and supporters who have developed special skills and techniques to enable them to play at their best. So it is important to note that although the players themselves may have to be at their very best in order to achieve success, there are some factors which we can rely on when we talk about their individual skills and tactics.

Let us look at some of the most common soccer tactics and skills used by the pro players.


The first is the use of the ball in attack. What is important in any attack is to get into position to attack, especially the full-backs, the central midfielders and the wingers, and the strikers. They have to be prepared to move into position to attack and they have to know the type of player they are.

The wide players need to be aware of their opponents’ movements. Their moving patterns must be known so they can assess their options.


The player passing decision is also very important Because if he passes, then there will be no chance of shooting and if he shoots, then he is unable to score. The ball carrier must know when to be defensive and when to be offensive and if he knows his opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, then he can choose a suitable strategy. Sometimes the midfielders or the forwards may decide to block a pass, but they have to keep the other team guessing in this case.

Sometimes the defenders have to play in dangerous positions to prevent scoring. The central defenders must be able to intercept and recover the ball and the defensive midfielder must know when to be defensive and when to be attacking. Sometimes it is the coach who decides on which type of player he wants for each role, but often a specialist, such as a striker, does a good job for a team.

The goalkeeper also needs to know how to be in good form. His most important role is that of a defender and he should not hesitate to block the ball from going in the net.

If they are not in good shape, then the defenders will lose the ball and that will give the opponents more space and time to attack.

Passing/Tapping (Tiki-Taka)

One of the biggest differences between amateur and professional soccer is the importance of technical and tactical skills. To score well, the goalkeeper should be able to face the ball accurately, the strikers should be able to score and the central midfielders and forwards must have the ability to pass the ball quickly and accurately to the other players.

Another of the most common soccer tactics is the passing of the ball in order to set up a teammate. These tactics is more common in apain. The attackers will have to look for the next target, which may come from the defenders, or may come from the opponents.

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