Soccer Substitution Rules To Follow

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If you are an excellent soccer player, then you already know about the rules and how to follow them on the field. But did you know that there are soccer substitution rules that you can follow if the player’s position is not up to the mark? For example, the rules are going to be different if it is a kid’s game. If the fields are small, then also there can be some changes to the rules. Today we’re going to speak about some of the substitution rules that one must follow if there is any change in the team or the floor strength. 

Number Of Soccer Players

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There are 11 players for each of the teams in a typical game. One of the players becomes the goalkeeper, and the position of the rest of the players is as per the typical rules. Some of the kids who play may have a team in which fewer players are on each side. Especially if the field is not big enough, then there can be less than 11 players, and it can be as many as eight on each side. In the under ten league, there may be as few as 6 per side. 


A close up of a football ball on a field

The goalkeeper is also known as the goalie or the particular player on the field. It is because they have special abilities and will be able to use their hands within penalty. Any player on the field will become the goalkeeper as long as they are notifying the referee. Each goalie is supposed to wear a different colored Jersey other than the rest of the players to understand who the goalkeeper is. 

Strict Rules For Substitution

It is essential to keep the rules strict for substitution when it comes to international and professional play. It is pretty different, which is allowed in a youth league, and in most cases, the substitutions are unlimited. That is important because each of the players deserves to have a chance to play in various positions. In ski school games, there is an allowance for unlimited substitutions. In international gameplay, there is a general spirit of substitution when a player becomes injured. But you can substitute for anyone, And The clear cannot return to the field once substituted. This is one of the rules that is not followed in any of the other teams, and by the time the game is ending, it is time for a fresh player to enter. 

Factors For Substituting A Player

You can substitute a player when there is a regular flow of play

The referee should be able to know who you are substituting. In addition to that, the player leaving the game has to exit the field and cannot get back

It is time to wait for the referee’s signal, and one can now enter the game. 

If a player enters the game without the referee’s permission, he will be liable to get a yellow card. 


Soccer can be a game of substitution anytime; the players and the coach need to follow the principles associated with substitutions.

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