Soccer Field Gaming Tips And Tricks You Should Learn

soccer field

Soccer is a sport which is not only played just for fun it is also very good for your health. It can work as a great workout for those who play soccer on a soccer field. But maintaining a soccer field is a tough job, if conditioning in the proper place has not been done then the field can be laden with potential landmines for injury. In this article, we are going to learn a few tips about playing the soccer field and if you are into the game, remembering the basics and how you learnt would help you a lot in making your game better. 

Soccer Field Gaming Tips And Tricks 

Soccer Field

The soccer field is designed with a proper idea, the field is 100 meters long and 60 meters wide. But officially there are different regulations and rules applicable about the minimum and maximum dimension. Within the field, there will be marking which includes penalty area, spot, the center spot for kicking-off, and the corners. Without marked corners, kicks would be only kicks. The soccer play is divided into two halves by a halfway line. This halfway line joins the middle of both touchlines. This halfway line is also marked in the middle which is known as the center spot. 

Center-Game Tips

Soccer Field

Around the center mark, there is a circle mark with a 10-yard radius. At each end of the soccer field, there would be a goal. The goal should be 8 feet high and it should be wide open and the goal should be placed at the center of the goal line. The goal coat will have nets to catch so that it can catch the ball so that you do not need to chase the ball as well as it helps the referee to determine if a goal was scored or not. The boundary of the soccer field should be drawn with lines. 

Field Tips

The lines should be on the sides of the long side of the field. These lines are called the touchlines or the sidelines. At the end of the field, the lines are known as the goal lines or end lines. The penalty area is a box that should be extended 18 yards out from the goalposts. In this penalty area, the goalkeeper can use their hands. In case of any penalty by the defense in this area will result in a penalty kick which will be from the penalty mark. 


The soccer field can be constructed of grass or else it can also be composed with manmade materials such as AstroTurf. But whether the field is constructed with original grass or any man-made materials, the color of the field should be green. There will be a penalty mark in the field where the ball will be placed for penalty kicks. The penalty mark will be at the center of the goal and it will be 12 yards away from the goal line.

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