Soccer Equipment for Women

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Today there is no gender restriction on any sport and the same goes with soccer. More and more women players are coming up in the game of soccer. So, as you enhance your playing skills, you also need to ensure that you have the right equipment. Here is a list of the most essential women’s soccer equipment to invest in.

Ball Backpack

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A ball backpack is spacious enough to not only hold your ball, but also all your soccer gear and even more. The Puma Ball Backpack is a great buy as it comes with a large storage room that you can fit in everything. It is super comfortable on your shoulders as it comes with padded straps. There are spacious compartments for holding your other gear as well. The side of the backpack can hold two water bottles on both sides. It is one of the best soccer bags with a ball compartment.

Shin Guards

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Shin guards are a basic gear for playing soccer. You need to get your hands on good-quality shin guards if you are serious about the game. The shin guards by Champro are a good option as they are quite durable and come in eye-catching colors. Shin guards protect your shins from damage caused by other players. 


If you are playing as the goalkeeper in the game, you need to have gloves. Goalie gloves are important since they help the goalkeeper protect the team’s goal. Any goalie needs a pair of gloves to play. The Mitre Brz Pro Goalie Glove is one of the best gloves for women goalies.

Sports Bra

If you have a busty chest, all women need a sports bra. Sports bras are designed to hold your chest in place and prevent them from aching after a few hours of play. The Adidas sports bra is super stylish. It is designed to draw out sweat and comes with a supportive underband to give a secure fit. This sports bra has a top-quality material that can keep up with all your soccer matches.

Soccer Cleats

Cleats are necessary to play soccer properly. These shoes come with grips at the sole that prevent you from slipping all over the place. The Under Armour cleats are amazing and super stylish. They have an iconic UA logo at the back that are very sturdy. It enables you to run easily and absorbs all your quick moves and strikes easily.

Running Jacket

A great accessory to show up to your games looking stylish and fashionable. The running jacket by Only Play is stunning. It comes with a vibrant print that runs down its sleeves. It is a lightweight jacket that is ideal to wear before and after the soccer game. The underarm mesh panels keep air flowing for cooling and also does not block heat from within. The jacket also comes with cuffs and hem that give full comfort.

These are some of the most essential women’s soccer equipment.

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