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The college soccer programs at several colleges have been around for many years. The most recent programs usually incorporate several decades of tradition and the oldest ones include every level of competition, from Division I to Division III.

There are many Universities that offer this type of program. For example, St. John’s College has a Division I program. It includes various Division I and II levels and does not include any lower division teams.

Boy Sate University

Boys State University, which is in Texas, offers an advanced Soccer program. It consists of Division I and II. It was one of the first men’s college programs to offer an in-house professional team for men and women, and it has since grown from an NCAA Division I program to Division I and II.

Penn State College

Penn State offers four different men’s college soccer programs. It started in 1978 with a high school team. Today, it is a part of the NCAA Division I along with schools like Princeton, Penn, Duke, Rice, and Ohio State.

Bradley University

Bradley University in WV offers men’s college soccer programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. It has two Division I levels, the first being the Pepco Atlantic Premier and the second being the Eastern Collegiate Soccer League. In addition, there is a Division II level and it includes football and lacrosse teams.

Mount Holyoke College

Mount Holyoke College in MA has two men’s college soccer programs. They both have Division I and II and include women’s and men’s basketball teams. The men’s team plays for the Canisius Colonials, and the women’s team play for the Crusaders of the MAAC.

Hofstra University

Hofstra University in NY has two men’s college soccer programs. The first is Division I and the second is Division II. In addition, it offers Division III, Division IV, and Master’s programs.

Union College

Union College in NJ is one of the premier colleges with competitive Division I and II programs. They offer a Division III team and Division IV men’s soccer program. They also offer a Division III women’s team and Division IV women’s soccer program.

Mount Holyoke’s women’s soccer program has been ranked 11th in the nation and ranks well ahead of any of the other women’s colleges in the NCAA Division I. The men’s soccer program has been ranked 14th, but that includes members of Division II.

Drexel University

Drexel University in PA offers men’s college soccer programs. It has three Division I levels, the first being the Intramural program, the second being the Arena football program, and the third being the Drexel football and lacrosse programs. The men’s program, however, is not accredited by the NCAA and therefore not eligible for Division I play.

Penn State University offers women’s college soccer programs. It has two Division I programs and includes NCAA Division II. It also has a women’s football program and women’s lacrosse program.

Several other colleges with college soccer programs also offer varsity programs. For example, Fordham University offers both men’s and women’s collegiate programs. It includes Division I and II and offers both Men’s and Women’s Ivy League programs.

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