News Soccer Tournament – Doping Usage And Its Impact In The Game

news soccer tournament

To protect the spirit of sports and the trust of spectators and athletes, anti-doping agencies are essential. Education plays a key role here. Athletes and coaches should be given proper education about the usage of such harmful substances. Schools and colleges must embed a sportsman mentality in the brains of students. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) will have to come and work together for making a doping-free environment in Australia. Let us learn more about News Soccer Tournament and doping usage.

News Soccer Tournament

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Mark Bosnich’s extreme addiction to cocaine kept him away from soccer for quite a long time. Other than him, Stan Lazaridis and Anissa Tann were also banned from soccer for using performance-enhancing drugs. Ryan Napoleon, Kylie Palmer, and Samantha Riley, who are all eminent swimmers, have all been tested positive for the intake of these drugs. 

General Doping News

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The Australian Rugby player, Luke Douglas was involved in the ASADA investigation of the Sutherland Sharks supplements saga for its controversial programs of supplements. Athrone Wayne the Australian sprinter confessed to dope usage of Dianabol in 1975 which was a substance banned by the International Olympic Committee. The Australian swimmer, Kylie Palmer was involved in a dope usage case at the 2013 World Aquatics Championships in April of 2015 and  consequently, she was removed from the Australian swim team who were to participate in the World Aquatics Championships in 2015. Corran Hocking, the Australian weightlifter, was tested positive for the usage of benzylpiperazine which resulted in suspension. Another case of doping usage is registered by the famous soccer player, Mark Bosnich who represented his country Australia seventeen times and was involved in a doping usage case of cocaine.

News We Should Know

As per the latest statistical report by the WADA, the sports which are involved in the most number of cases for doping, usage was registered to weightlifting with a huge number of 93 cases followed by athletics with 39 cases, 25 cases for cycling, and 15 cases for rugby. In Australia, the statistical findings by the ASADA found that the sports where the usage of illicit drugs usage and doping were at the peak were two sports at the apex, weightlifting, and rugby with 5 cases each followed by 3 cases in the Australian rugby league and two cases each of doping usage was registered for Australian football, cycling, and powerlifting. 


For the usage of recreational drug use, 29.76% was estimated overall. Among the sports,  rugby, the Australian Football League, and Surfing registered the highest number of incident cases of doping usage. 31.4% estimated usage of prohibited drugs was registered by the rugby sports and 17.3%  estimated drug usage was recorded for the AFL. According to a survey, it was found that only 12% of the sports coaches and sportsmen estimated the usage of performance-enhancing  drugs while over 80% registered higher estimates.

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