NCAA Soccer Recruiting Rules – What To Expect When You Get A College Scholarship

ncaa soccer recruiting rules

NCAA soccer recruiting rules differ from the ones in the high school recruiting world. Unlike those rules, it is not illegal to recruit players either. It’s a much different kettle of fish. In order for a player to be recruited, he must meet certain standards which include:

Know About Division 1 And 2 Programs

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Division I and II programs can offer a player scholarship and pay his/her way at the same time. In order to qualify for this, the player must have won the high school national championship or been recruited by a Division I or II program. The scholarship will be provided on an academic merit-based basis. This means that the college coaches won’t be concerned about your High School soccer standings. As long as you play well on the soccer field and are a member of your team, then you should have no problem receiving a college scholarship.

However, not everyone who plays soccer in high school can receive a college scholarship. In fact, very few do. Your chances of getting an offer may decrease if you are not highly recruited. If your ranking is not good enough to qualify, then your coaches will give you a more limited number of scholarships. They will also tell you to take a one-on-one or two-on-two tour with their other players in order to earn the interest of college coaches.

Soccer Recruiting Process Is Also Looked By Coach

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Coaches will also look at your soccer recruiting process. You may have good skills and great talent, but it doesn’t matter if you lack the proper attitude and personality it can hurt your ability to be competitive on the soccer field. Coaches are looking for players who are interested in winning and having fun. Therefore, if you don’t take very good and well organized notes throughout the recruiting process, it can be very detrimental to your overall success.

There are many other NCAA rules that you must follow when you sign up for a soccer scholarship. The most important rule is to always be honest. If you lie or try to get around any rules, you may lose your chance to play at the college level. Some coaches will even call other coaches to find out if there are any lies or cheating strategies. If you receive unlimited calls or texts about your recruiting process, don’t take the calls or text messages personally.

Only Accept An Offer From A Division

Another important rule of NCAA soccer recruiting is that you should only accept an offer from a Division I school if it is offered by the university or colleges of your choice. Also, you should only accept an offer from a Division II school if it is better than your other offers. It is never a good idea to accept an offer from a Division III or IV school simply because it is better. You should always have an open mind and think about all your options carefully before making a decision.

Bottom Line

One of the most important aspects of NCAA soccer recruiting is to never lie or intentionally try to receive a scholarship from a college coach. This rule may seem obvious but you would be surprised at the number of players who lie to get a free ride. Additionally, be sure to never discuss pay or compensation with any coaches without limitations. There are serious penalties for lying or concealing these details. Be sure to read NCAA recruiting rules before you submit your application for a college scholarship.

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