Iran Soccer News – Did the Iranian Government Helps With the World Cup Wins

iran soccer news

Many Americans have tuned into Iran’s World Cup Qualifying matches this year, and some are very interested in the outcome of this playoff. Some are also very interested in the outcome of the election and how the current Iranian President will do. Still others have tuned into the matches, simply to see how Farsi’s star player, Behnam Djabouri, performs. We all know Farsi as the star player for the Iranian national football team that qualified for the world cup. I am sure you too have probably tuned into this news to see what the outcome is.

I have not been able to get an Iran Soccer News broadcast on my favorite television channel or online since the election began. My friends who live in other parts of the world have also been curious about this. So I have decided to give you a brief summary of what’s been reported by both networks. The results are as follows:

An Overview

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CNN has released a two-minute report on their website about the election. You can view the segment here. In the report the reporter focuses their attention on the Iranian President, their relationship and how both nations have been involved in supporting proxy wars against the United States of America and Western Europe. The reporter also explains that the current US economic sanctions on Iran are in direct violation of the Vienna Conventions which establishes the rights and duties of a nation towards neighboring countries.

BBC has posted their own article on their website titled “IRAN Soccer News”. The article gives information on the latest Iranian World Cup Qualification results. The author Michael Collins does a good job of describing the conflict that Iran is facing. He does a good job of telling the reader that the current situation in Iran is a “time bomb waiting to go off”. Unfortunately he does not describe how exactly the time bomb will go off or what it will look like when it does go off. I am sure if one was Iranian or Jewish he could tell you but he does not.

Just days before the two major networks published their articles on this topic, the Mossad released research documents that I suppose provided some insight into what the Iranian government was planning. The Mossad is an international organization known for its great intelligence and operational skills. In fact the Mossad played a large role in the capture and killing of Osama Bin Laden. In their report the Mossad also mentioned the “Iran chessboard” and stated that the international community must come to the aid of the moderates in Iran in order to prevent a potential violent response from the hard liners.

Iran Soccer News

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As soon as these two major networks published their articles the pro-Ahmadinejad regime in Iran immediately went on a war path and denied all allegations of wrongdoing. Foreign Minister Mnariah Ahmed stated that anyone who leaks information from the government that is not authentic is committing “treason” and he promised to arrest anyone who does. Of course the “reporters” cannot produce hard evidence and the Foreign minister issued a strong warning that Israel will be dealing with the Iranian problem as well. Of course the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made his comments in the Knesset on the very same day.

So it appears that the Iranian soccer news was not completely “hush hush” in their reports on this topic. This is in line with the anti-American rhetoric that we have seen over the years and especially now after the attacks on our consulate in the United States and on our embassy in Pakistan. Some would say that the people that are accusing the Jews of “cheating” or “plotting” in international soccer have a point. However, it is hard to take any given sport to task. And given the lack of any hard evidence linking Jews to these events, one wonders if they really believe that Jews control the international soccer leagues.

It is interesting that the anti-Jews that are accusing Jews of these activities are themselves Jews. And one would think that the anti-Jews would look themselves in the mirror if they had something to prove that they were doing. Regardless of how much the soccer worlds wants to pin the finger on the Jews or the Americans for that matter, it is important to look at the bigger picture. If these people had any evidence that Jews controlled international soccer, then surely they would have gone the extra mile and produced some hard evidence in the first place. They obviously have no evidence to support their charges. But that is no reason to give up on the innocent.

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