Interesting Facts About The World Cup -

Interesting Facts About The World Cup

Facts To Know About Football World Cup

The most popular sport in the world is undoubtedly football. This sport has billions of followers with millions of young individuals aspiring to be a professional footballer in future. There are a lot of league matches which gains the most popular in this sport with billions of dollars of currency spent on these leagues every year. But when it comes to international games, nothing can eat the craze, the popularity, the tension and anxiety of international football world cup matches.

World Cup is an event where the major countries playing football all around the nation play matches against each other. The team which emerges victorious is the world champions. Thus, it is a matter of immense pride to represent as a player for your country in the World Cup event.

In this mega tournament, 32 international teams play against each other in 64 international matches; the winner is the best soccer team in the world. This tournament spans for over a month, and nearly the whole population of the world watches it. This marquee football tournament also becomes a stage to create more awareness of the third popular sport. The endless stress and the anxiety and the joy of winning are what makes this tournament the best among all.

Facts To Know About Football World Cup
Facts To Know About Football World Cup

Let us look at some of the exciting facts of the Football World Cup.

A No To Sex For Players During World Cup

During the World Cup, coaches of many international teams ban their players from having any sexual activities. The reason being that sex can distract the player from the event and is also a waste of player’s energy, thereby losing both concentrations as well as power. Teams such as Germany, Chile., Mexico and Spain cannot have sex during the tenure of this tournament. However, there are some teams, such as the USA and Brazil, which allow their players to have sex during this tournament.

Half Of The World Watches Football World Cup

This tournament is the most famous one in the world. The reason being that more than half of the population watches at least one math of the competition during its tenure. In fact, in the 2010 World Cup, the viewership was 3.2 Billion people out of the total population of 7.05 people. What is more interesting that over 2 billion viewers had a duration of over 30 minutes on this World Cup.

Facts To Know About Football World Cup
Facts To Know About Football World Cup

World’s Costliest Tournament

This tournament is undoubtedly the costliest tournament of the world. The winner of the competition takes a whopping amount of 35 million dollars, which is a considerable amount of money. The runners up also get the amount of 25 million dollars; thereby the runners up too do not have anything to lose. Apart from the winners and the runners up money, FIFA spends billions of dollars on each players fitness and the stay and practice session of each team. On top of that, there are other billions of dollars of money coming from the sponsorships. Thus money and money all around this tournament.

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