Important Facts About Women's Football -

Important Facts About Women’s Football

Things Women Should Know About Football

For a long time, football has been the men’s sport. But the times have changed and women are also in the love with this game. There are so many ladies around the world who absolutely love this game and want to learn more about it. The one thing that no one can deny here is football is a fun game and you will enjoy playing it a lot. If you are a woman who is trying to figure out how this game is played and want to know something more about it, then this article is for you.


In the American football, there will be two teams with eleven players in each one of them. Both the team players will be playing in a 120 yard field and their ultimate goal is to gain the points for their respective teams. Each player in the team will be playing will have a special role to play while they are in the game. These players will be playing an important role when needed. There are some players who are meant to make the special appearance in the team when needed.

Things Women Should Know About Football
Things Women Should Know About Football

Game With Strategy

If you watch football league or championship, you will understand that the game is entirely different than how you thought it would be. This game is not as simple as it sounds and it involves a lot of strategies. There are at times when this game will make you bored, but as you start understanding the game, you will get to know the strategies and this will make your game viewing experience even more fun. The quarter back and halfback play an important role while making the goal. These are the ones who will carry the ball to goal point and score a touchdown.

Things Women Should Know About Football
Things Women Should Know About Football

Beware Of Red Zone

The red zone is the 20 yards prior the football field. This is where you have to take a step and do what seems fit for you. The players will often stay in a confusion that whether they have to carry the ball by themselves or pass it to others. The strategies of both offensive and defensive players come into play right at this point of the game. This is very crucial and the red zone is something that you have to lookout for while you are in the game.

Importance Of Referees

The referees in the game are the most important and decision maker of the game. They will be the one who decides what to do while they you are playing. These referees ensure that everything is done perfectly on the field or not. All the decisions about the football are made with the help of this person only. There will be a total of seven officials in the game who will be watching out for all the details. These seven officials spread out and they keep an eye on the game from different parts of the fields. There are cameras and drone cameras streaming and capturing the entire game for the big night.

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