Four Things To Consider Before Buying Soccer Protective Headgear

soccer protective head gear

Soccer players’ protective headgear is becoming more popular in both professional leagues and pickup games. With increased general awareness about concussions and other brain injuries, soccer headgear is becoming more common on the field of play.

When it comes to soccer headgear, comfort is just as important as protection.

A soccer player may feel the need for protective headgear for a variety of reasons. Any people have suffered past brain injuries that they want to defend themselves from. Others want to be free to head the ball without fear of long-term consequences.

For any of these reasons, all players of the world’s favourite sport should be using soccer headgear.

1.  Coverage

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Any soccer headgear is intended to cover the entire head, while others target small locations. Full head covering has more extensive security, but it is still more inconvenient.

Protective headbands cover the lower skull as well, although they are usually smaller and have less protection than the other two alternatives. You must choose your favourite model by matching the amount of security you need with comfort and usability.

2.     Thickness


The thickness of the fabrics is a vital consideration when deciding about which soccer headgear to buy. The heavier the headgear, the more protection it provides. Thicker headgear, on the other hand, can be a hindrance to precise ball heading for players who take pride in their aerial abilities.

3.     Safety standards

ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials), FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association), and the NFHS (National Federation of State High Schools) all have their own criteria for suitable soccer headgear. Check that the headgear you choose satisfies the criteria for your specific usage requirements. The more governmental bodies who authorise the gear, the more confident you can be that it has been through the appropriate safety monitoring channels.

4.     Extra things to consider

·         Padding

Although certain soccer headgear types have fixed padding, others have the ability to detach and replace the padding, which is typically made of some kind of composite foam. The ability to uninstall and repair the foam inserts adds another degree of customization and durability.

Cooling technology

Any soccer headgear will keep your head cold while still shielding it. Different brands call their cooling systems by different names. They frequently use lightweight nylon fabrics that keep you colder than conventional cotton. These materials, on the other hand, appear to be somewhat more expensive.

·     Reversible option

Some soccer headgear is removable, allowing you more colour and style choices on the soccer pitch. While this is more of a cosmetic element, it is one that players who want to look their best at all times should think about.


As a result, we have some samples of some of the finest soccer safety headgear. They are all very well for the purpose, in my view, and will help to shield soccer players from impact during game play, resulting in a better atmosphere on the field of play.

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