Football Betting Tips To Use To Secure Your Wager

Football Betting Tips To Use To Secure Your Wager

Football being the most popular of all sports disciplines, betting on it is the main pillar for any sportsbook. The best football betting sites offer more than 200 bets and football betting tips for the top fixtures of the football calendar. The bets usually count for the normal duration of a football match (90 minute plus added time).

However, there could be exceptions as well. You must find a great betting partner to win big no matter what kind of bets you are choosing. While there are many success stories following football betting tips, a last-minute goal can turn the table messing up all your calculation.

Some Useful Football Betting Tips To Win

Firstly, one should collect as much information as possible on the team he is looking to bet for. Studying statistics, recent form, head to head information, and team news will give you an advantage. This could be helpful for a systematic approach so that you can predict the most likely result.

Secondly, betting on impulse or betting with heart is something that is strictly discouraged. One should remain analytical and should not place a bet on a game until having sufficient information.

Football Betting Tips To Use To Secure Your Wager
Football Betting Tips To Use To Secure Your Wager

Thirdly, looking on huge, life-changing bets every week is not necessary. For instance, a $10 bet may return with $12 with 92% chance of winning. On the other hand, a $5 bet can offer $10,000 return with just 1% chance. It is always sensible to count on the higher winning chance even though the return may be small.

Finally, keeping a record of all your wins and losses helps you identifying your overall profit or loss.This record should have type of bet, the stake, potential return and your profits or losses. If you are suffering continuous losses, you might consider changing the way you’re betting in the next period.

Types of bets

1×2 Betting is the commonest and easiest form of football betting. You would simply need to predict the end result of a game for the return.

In a Double Chance Betting, you can have the usual 3 choices (win, loss or a draw). However, the outcome probability is much bigger and the odds are considerably low here.

Draw No Bet is the kind where you have only 2 options (win or loss) to bet for. In case of a tie, your stakes are returned.

Football Betting Tips To Use To Secure Your Wager
Football Betting Tips To Use To Secure Your Wager

In Correct Score Betting, you have to predict the exact full-time result of the game and bet on it. Online bookies offer many available options for this.

Both Teams to Score is another type of football betting which is used as the base for various promotions. You will need to select a “yes” or a “no” for your bet to be settled. The return will depend on whether both sides manage to score.

In Handicap type of betting one of the sides is provided an additional advantage applied before the game begins. The usual handicap value is 1 goal, but you can sometime find alternative.

Top Football Betting Sites

Although there are various betting sites across the world, following are the 3 topmost recommended betting sites.

  • 888sport has 101 markets, offers 39 bet types and the odds level is 93.75%. It also offers a30 pounds free bet to the new customers.
  • bet365 also has 101 markets, offers 38 types of bets and the odds level in 96.25%.
  • betway too offers 30 pounds free bets to the new customers. It operates in 98 markets, offers 41 bet types and the odds level in 93.75%
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