Football Betting – Facts You Need To Know

Football Betting - Facts You Need To Know

Football is one of the most fan-favorite games. A huge amount of betting also takes place in the game. There are many websites where you can place your bets and these websites are today’s best football betting options. If you want to bet on this game too, you need to know the different characteristics of football betting.

Explaining Betting Odds


In a paper or on any website you see a betting odd like x/y. These betting odds are based on probability-based. This x/y betting odd shows what the chance is of a team to win a particular game. In this method, you need to calculate like this – the probability of x/y is y/(x+y).

Say, if a betting odd shows 3/1, it means the probability is 1 / (3+1) = ¼ = 0.25. So, the team has a 25% chance to win this game.

Again, if the odd shows, 1/3, it means the probability to win the game by the team is 75%.

Football Betting - Facts You Need To Know
Football Betting – Facts You Need To Know

Calculating Winnings of Football Betting

When a betting odd is shown, you can easily calculate how much winning you can receive if you won the bet. Suppose, if the bet is x/y, and if you win the bet, you will win x money for betting per y money, and they will also return the stake.

Say, if betting odd shows 5/1, it means you will win $5 for betting $1. Again, if the bet is 1/4, it means you have to bet $4 to win $1.

Decimal Football Betting Winnings

It is the most common betting strategy in the betting world. Most of the websites use the decimal betting system as it is very easy to use for the sake of calculation.

Decimal betting winnings are shown in a decimal number, e.g. 1.25, 1.5, or 2.0. So, to calculate the winnings, you can use the formula of (betting decimal*stake)-stake.

Say, 2.0 means, if you bet $10, your winning is (2.0*$10)-$10 = $20 – $10 = $10 winning.

Plus-minus Betting Odds

One of the most popular ways to bet is a plus-minus method. Say, in a football match the odds are +150 for a team and -200 for another team. When the odds are in plus, it means you can win that amount for a successful $100 bet. When the odds are in minus, it means you must successfully bet that amount to win $100.

Football Betting - Facts You Need To Know
Football Betting – Facts You Need To Know

Different Types of Football Betting

3-Way Moneyline

A basic soccer game has generally three outcomes. In the game, a team either can win, or lose, or draw the match. These bets are on until the regular time of the game ends. But if the game is of the knockout stage, the bets are on until the added time. The extra time and penalty shootout are excluded from this method. Though a team eliminates after the extra time or penalty shootout, they consider the game’s outcome as a draw.

2-Way Moneyline

In this type, you can bet either for a win or a loss. There is no way to bet on the draw. So, if the game ends in a draw, they will refund the total bet.

Goal Lines Betting

Suppose a match is happening between team A and team B, you can bet in goal lines. The goal line bets are placed like 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, etc. Suppose the bet for team A is -1.5 and team B is +1.5, it means team A must have to win for at least 2 goals or more to win the bet. On the other way, if you want to win, team B has to win, draw, or lose the game by one goal.

Though football betting is an integral part of the sport, sometimes, football betting is harmful to you as the result of the sport cannot be predetermined. So, you must think before you place any bet.

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