Facts About Arsenal Football Club You Have To Read About

Things To Know About Arsenal Football Club

There are millions of people who love football. Such is the craze of football throughout the globe that children from the age of 2 to 3 want to play football either for their state or their nation. There are several football leagues throughout the globe. But what stands the best out of them are from England. The country of England has several football league teams out of which the most famous one is Arsenal. This team is very old and holds the culture tradition and value of football in England for decades and decades long.

Let us discuss some of the most important facts of this football club in detail. With a huge fan base and loads of popularity, this team stands out the very best from any other league teams throughout the world. Thus, let us see some of the interesting facts about this historic football club team.

Things To Know About Arsenal Football Club
Things To Know About Arsenal Football Club

A Short History Of The Arsenal Football Club

Established in 1886, everyone loves this football club in England. This team earlier known as Dial Square in 1886. Thereby, after turning into a professional football club, got the name of Woolwich Arsenal or Arsenal. The football club rose to prominence only after Herbert Chapman became the manager of the football club.

Things To Know About Arsenal Football Club
Things To Know About Arsenal Football Club

Unknown Facts About Arsenal Football Club

The fans of this team might be of the view that their team is the only one in the world. But we feel sorry to break this misconception as there is more than one Arsenal.

Emirates Stadium Of Arsenal Football Club

The Emirates Stadium is the home of this team football club. Apart from being the home of Arsenal FC, the Emirate Stadium is also the second largest club stadium of UK. The stadium is built with a capacity of holding almost 60,000 fans.

The Winning Streak

The football season of 2003-2004 brought an enormous amount of victory for this team. In this season they succeeded in achieving the impossible by managing to win the Premier League unbeaten. This team through their victory successfully created a winning streak of 49 games that remained unbeaten over the next two seasons. This achievement of the Arsenal football club was unexpected.

The Gunners

Known by all, every nickname has some history of its own. And the same also goes true for this team as well. In 1886 a group of cannon makers made the football team because of which it was given the nickname of Gunners.

Arsene Wenger

Arsene Wenger, the former serving manager of the football club and the legend of this team also has specific interesting facts of his own. We all are aware of the fact that Arsene Wenger is the one who holds the title of the long-serving manager of this team. However, very few persons know the fact that the first foreigner to lift a Premier League title in 1997 is none other than Arsene Wenger himself.

The Youngest Goal Scorer

Yet another interesting fact of this team is that
Cesc Fabregas is the youngest goalscorer for them.

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