Factors to Consider in Shopping for Adidas Soccer Shoes

soccer shoes

Soccer shoes, also known as football boots or cleats in North America, are a specialized piece of footwear worn during playing sport. They usually have thick rubber soles on both the bottom and the top. These shoes are specially made for playing soccer on grass fields. Soccer shoes for outdoor use have thicker soles and are designed for wearing on slippery surfaces such as snow and ice. Those specially designed for indoor play also have thicker soles for increased traction.

Wearing proper soccer shoes is very important because it protects the players’ feet from injury. When a player falls while playing, he cannot just roll off the floor; instead, he gets injured. If the ankle is twisted, the ligaments and muscles get stretched. There are two parts of the foot – the lower leg and the upper leg – that are responsible for this movement. The inner side of the lower leg is thicker than the outer side so when it is slipping, it will keep sliding without sliding too much.

Soccer Shoes

Since there are different types of soccer shoes available in the market today, choosing one is not that easy. The most common type of footwear is the Matica, which has a V-shaped silhouette and comes with either Velcro or hook and loop closures. It is one of the best-selling brands of soccer shoes. Another popular type is the Puma, which is lightweight and comfortable. Compared to Matica, Puma’s design is similar to that of the Kakasa. However, the former is brighter and has a lot more vibrant colors and logos.

Most soccer shoes are fitted with high heels, but if the player prefers flat feet, then flat shoes are available. Midsole cushioning is provided to provide extra comfort. The fit of the soccer shoes should be right for the feet. A proper fit is important to prevent injury. It is recommended that the size of the shoe should be adjusted according to the size of the feet.

Durability is an important factor for soccer shoes. These shoes should be able to withstand frequent use and pressure from the feet and the ball. On smooth and solid surfaces, it is best used on non-porous surfaces. When shopping for soccer shoes, players should look for durable materials such as suede, leather, synthetic, and canvas.

A Much Ado 

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Players also should take note of the frequency of use, since this can affect the quality of the soccer shoes. Flat or low heels should be avoided on hard surfaces because these shoes provide less support when going forward. If the player plays on wet or muddy fields, then the Adidas Adizero stopper would be best used because it provides good traction on wet surfaces and absorbs water well. On slippery surfaces, players should wear nubuck or rubber soccer cleats since they offer added traction.

Another factor players should consider is the type of field where they play. There are specific soccer cleats made for various playing surfaces. Players should choose cleats that are best used in grass fields or in cage series. The cage series is designed especially for flat or low surfaces. Most Adidas makes cleat models for both green and white football teams.

Final Words 

For indoor soccer games, lightweight materials like suede and canvas are ideal. The Adizero Echo has a lightweight frame made of polycarbonate and a cushioned upper part. Cushioned inner and outer soles provide additional comfort for long hours of play. Cushioned Velcro straps and shoe pockets enhance the value of indoor soccer shoes. The lightweight materials make the Adidas Adizero series a popular choice for indoor players.

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