Buying Soccer Rain Gear – Keep These 6 Important Things In Mind

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Rain is seriously the worst weather, especially when you are a soccer lover. No games, only stuck inside the home. But you can still play the game if you have the right soccer rain gear that will keep your body warm and waterproof. One should always buy the right gears for every purpose, and buying them requires some basic knowledge. We have gathered all such basic tips here.

Tips To Buy Soccer Rain Gear

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Decide The Type 

There are different types of rain jackets available some are waterproof while others are water-resistant. Do both sounds similar to you? Well, there is not much difference, but they heavily impact your experience.

A waterproof soccer rain gear keeps you dry and protected from heavier rain. On the other hand, a water-resistant jacket only restrains water from entering the jacket. It is not suitable for places that experience heavy rain.

Think About Fabric

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All rain gears are made of different fabrics. Polyester and nylon are the two most preferred, but they offer water-resistant properties. A membrane material has breathable and water-resistant properties as well. In short, it does not let the sweat trapped inside the body and suffocate the wearer.

Since you would be involved in intense physical activity so sweat is obvious; thus, get soccer rain gear made of breathable fabric.

Check Out The Outer Shell

Besides fabric, one should also know about the types of weather shells available. Here are the two commonly available explained:

Hard Shells

  • They are lightweight.
  • Have the good windproofing ability
  • Possesses waterproofing quality
  • Not a nice fit

Soft Shells 

  • Breathable
  • Have insulated layer
  • Good for high-exertion activities
  • Flexible
  • Less waterproof

Get A Right Hood

Covering your head is very important in the rain, or else you will get sick. Make sure that a soccer rain gear has good head coverage that fits your head like a helmet. It should not be too tight or suffocating. Do not buy a jacket with a hood obstructing your view and covering most part of your face.

Rain Gear With Pit Zips

Rain jackets should have pit zips that let the air enter your arms and body. This is especially essential for those active wearers.

Pockets Or No Pockets

Well, this one is entirely your preference but if you are specifically buying soccer rain gear and not a rain jacket for everyday purposes in the rain, go for the pocket option. You would be needed space for keeping phones, earphones, cards, and other stuff while you go out. Check the pockets and make sure that you don’t have any loophole, or else water will ruin your belongings.

The last tips for buying soccer rain gear are its cost. These can be a bit expensive due to their material and features, but a good one is worth buying. Also, always buy from the stores rather than online to check the right fit and cloth material. This will ensure your money is invested in the right product, especially when it comes to rain gear.

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