Boys Soccer Gear – All The Essential Items You Would Need

boys soccer gear

One of the great things about boys soccer is that it isn’t an expensive sport. Now comes the fun part: choosing the boy’s soccer gear to help perform the best. What equipment does one need for soccer? It is important to invest in good soccer gear. The list isn’t quite as long as a few sports; however, some must-have boys soccer gear items need to stay safe and have fun. Here are the basics of boys soccer gear.

Soccer Cleats – Boys Soccer Gear

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Soccer cleats, or “boots,” are similar to baseball or softball cleats. However, the cleats are short and made of rubber. Days help in getting a better grip on the ground while running. Soccer cleats also protect the foot and improve kick and control on the ball. The basic types of soccer cleats include:

Molded: The studs on molded soccer cleats are formed as part of the outsole and cannot be removed. They usually come with rubber or hard plastic construction with between 10 and 14 studs on the shoes. Most youth leagues require molded soccer cleats since it is the safest option and is usually recommended for beginners.

Detachable: Advanced players sometimes opt for detachable studs. These are often ideal in soft ground conditions. The studs are generally either plastic or metal. One can swap out the studs for different types or lengths based on specific playing conditions. These types of soccer cleats are usually not safe for use on hard ground, as they might increase the risk of injury.

Turf shoes: Soccer cleat also comes in the form of turf shoes. These shoes work well on hard surfaces, indoors or outdoors, and turf fields. Instead of traditional studs, the shoes come with raised rubber patterns for grip.

Shin Guards And Soccer Ball

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Soccer is a contact sport. Shin guards help reduce the chances of injury to the shin (tibia). As per a recent study, it is the third-most likely area of the body to be injured playing soccer. This is why it is important to invest in shin guards.

The guards come in two basic styles. One style is a single piece that slips inside the sock and stays in place due to soccer socks’ tight fit. The shin guard’s slip-in style allows greater movement and mobility but doesn’t provide as much protection.

One can not play soccer without a soccer ball. Soccer ball sizing runs from size 1 to size five and comes in different materials. Most youth players usually use the size from 3 to 5 depending on the age group and league regulations. Buying a good quality soccer ball that can stay usable for a long time. For kids, buying smaller balls first to learn the control is important. The size of the ball should increase with age.


Playing the best game highly depends on the soccer gear; therefore, it is important to buy the right boys soccer gear. It not only helps in increasing efficiency but also so is essential for safety. Most of the boys’ soccer gear equipment is usually compulsory, while some can be used as per requirement. Investing in good quality soccer gear is a smart move for beginners and professionals alike.

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