Beginners Guide To Champions League -

Beginners Guide To Champions League

Champions League: Beginners Guide To It

Champions league is a tournament organized by UEFA- Union of European Football Association. This tournament helps in bringing out the talents from across the continent. The champions league has garnered a lot of popularity from the people across the world and now it has evolved as one of the most famous games that is loved by people across the world. Yes, the popularity of football has spread to various parts of the world and now people from various walks of life are watching and adoring this game with their whole heart. In this article, you are going to learn more about this league and its origin.


The champion league tournament began in the years of 1955/56 and the people from 16 sides took a part in this game. The game was first called European cup but then it was changed as Champions league in 1992/93 tournament. In 92/93 tournament, a total of 76 clubs joined the tournament. The qualifier matches start in summer and there are three rounds of the game in summer. Then the play-offs will take place with 32 teams in September.

As the matches start to increase, the teams will be decreased and in the finale there will be very less people who will take part in the game.

Champions League: Beginners Guide To It
Champions League: Beginners Guide To It

Organization Of The Champions League

There are a total of 77 teams participating in the champions league trophy and there are various games from which some participants will be eliminated. The qualifier matches and play-offs aren’t something that most of the people are interested in as these matches have rare teams participating in them. The number of people involving in this champions league decreases with time and only strong and powerful teams will stay till the end.

This is the reason most of the people start watching the game when there are only 32 teams playing not more than that. Only a core football fan will start the game from the start.

New Changes In The Game

The UEFA is considering to change some of the rules of the game and keep it more interesting for the players. This new rule that may come into place is something that is a lot encouraging for the teams that are participating in it.

Champions League: Beginners Guide To It
Champions League: Beginners Guide To It

The teams who are in the game till the last stage will qualify to the semifinals automatically. There won’t be any requirement of a qualifier in the middle. Alexandra Ceferin, the President of Champions League has stated this. He revealed that they are planning on bringing some noteworthy changes to this match and make it even more apprehensive and interesting. He also gave an assurance that there will be no super league as far as he is present in the board.

Champions league has evolved a lot with the years passed. From being a continental game to one of the most loved and watched football game across the world, this tournament has crossed leaps and bounds. The origin and history of this game is something that you have to cherish all the time.

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