All About Fantasy Football League: Learn How -

All About Fantasy Football League: Learn How

Things To Know About Fantasy Football

Football games are the most popular game throughout the world. Their popularity is so much that there are several video games created for football fans. Not only video games, there are hundreds of film which are also there for football lovers to watch and enjoy. Such is the craze of the game. But there is one more virtual football game, known by the name of Fantasy Football.

Fantasy Football game is a strategy based game. Here players (football lovers) create the best members according to the availability and compete with other players in the league. It is just like a mind game where a person will choose the player who he or she thinks can do well in a match.

Fantasy Football teams get made from NFL teams. When you participate in this strategic mind game, you can draft your team before the actual tournament starts. Thereby you can begin to compete against another person’s fantasy football team.

This is a long tournament which lasts for months.  The performance of a football choose by the member of the Fantasy Football determines the fate of him winning or losing. That is why it has got the name of a mind game as it requires a lot of permutation and combination before selecting your dream 11. If your dream 11 performs well, you win the match. If your dream 11 plays consistently throughout the tournament, you win the competition.

Things To Know About Fantasy Football
Things To Know About Fantasy Football

Following are some of the things to know about Fantasy Football

How To Join Fantasy Football

There are about 20 million people in the United States who play Fantasy Football. Thus, it can be certain that many of your friends and colleagues are already a part of this mind game.  One need to be online to popular sites such as ESPN or Yahoo sports and can register him or her to play this famous game.

History Of Fantasy Football

This virtual tournament came onto the origin way back in 1962. During those times, a businessman and share partner in Oakland Raiders, Wilfred Winkenbach along with Bill Tunnel- the director of Raiders Public Relations and a reporter of Tribune Scotty Stirling designed this fantasy football system. The first game of this virtual league took place in 1963.

Things To Know About Fantasy Football
Things To Know About Fantasy Football

Fantasy Leagues

A total number of teams in these fantasy leagues range from 10 to 16, each player and drafted by a different player. Each player who is also known as owners selects players one by one until the slots get filled. Owners even choose the starting lineup for every game and other things as well, which includes replacing players and making trades. At the end of the virtual tournament, a playoff decides who will be the champion.

Naming The Team

As the league is not a severe playoff and made for fun purpose, names of the virtual teams are mostly funny.  However, there are times that things go serious, and owners name their team in a bit offensive way.

These are some of the facts of Fantasy Football Leagues

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