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A Tour Of European Football

A Tour To European Football

Football is such a sport which everybody loves in Europe. Also, known as soccer, the game, over the years is getting an immense level of popularity in the continent of Europe. The association of Europe with football is something which is not new. Historians are of the belief that some sort of game very similar to that of football was prevalent even in ancient times. However modern football started in Europe only in the 17 century and since then has been going through a considerable fan base. At the end of the 17-century European football consisted of the young individuals who belonged to wealthy influential families and between school teams.

Let us get through a tour of the popularity of football in Europe.

A Tour To European Football
A Tour To European Football

The Founding Of The European Football Association

In 1863 was the benchmark of the European Football Association which for the first time listed out the first set of rules. This, in turn, paved the way towards making European Football a professional game of sports. Later in 1904, there was the formation of the International Association of Football (FIFA), which further led to the popularity and spread of the game to other countries.

A Tour To European Football
A Tour To European Football

Rules Of European Football

A football match has two halves of 45 minutes each. To supervise the game, a referee and two linesmen are always there for any help. Each team needs to score as many goals as they can to win. If both the team end up securing the same number of goals a draw or a tie takes place which resolves with a tiebreaker.

Apart from their hands and arms, the players can use to function any part of their body to secure a goal. Any player who gets hurt or fouled by his opponent is given a free kick to maintain fair gameplay. A goalkeeper has a stationary position at the net to block a goal. The referee warns a player with a yellow card in case he fouls his opponent seriously. If matter gets worse, then the player gets a red card.  This implies that the player will leave the field. In the majority of the matches, only three substitutions can take place. Coaches can substitute those players who do not play well or get injured.

 Number Of Players Required In European Football

A European football game usually consists of ten players and one goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is the only one who has the liberty to touch the ball with his hands. The opponent team is known as defenders. They require to play in front of the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper of the game has the task to stop the ball from getting into the goal. Apart from the defenders, there are midfield players. They require to do the running and move the ball between forwards and defenders.

The Field

The football field has a rectangular shape. The lines at the end of the field are known as goal lines.  Those at the side of the football field are called touch lines.

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