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A Brief History Of English Football

A Broad History Of England Football

England is one of the most famous places for playing football. The country has a rich history of football culture and tradition. The sport in England is nearly 2 and a half centuries old. Let us have a board discussion of the history of the sport in England.

It was in 1863 a contemporary era of football started to take place in England which was an outcome of the branching off of the rugby football and association football into various courses. Until the 19th century, the game played in England under the name of folk football. Folk football involved a large number of players playing over vast distances.

A Broad History Of England Football
A Broad History Of England Football

The folk football games were primarily rural in nature.  The majority of the matches took place in the country fair.  In the 1820s there was an effort at the University of Cambridge and the public schools to unify the rules of the game. England hosted the 1996 FIFA World cup and also won it. They brought in a live television telecast of the league showing national interest. This step undertaken by the Premier League brought them financial support as well.

The Emergence Of The Football Clubs

Some of the oldest football clubs existed in England in the year 1789. The first organised football competition that took place in England was the FA Cup. In 1872, the first international match took place wherein England team travelled to Glasgow to play against Scotland. In 1888, as a result of the shortage of competitive games, the Football League got its formation. Twelve professional clubs formed this league. The emergence of the England football league led to the importance of the professional teams. The requirement of professional football teams led to an interest in the working class.

A Broad History Of England Football
A Broad History Of England Football

England Football In 1889

In 1889 the Football alliance came into the scene as a rival of the Football league. However, the Football Alliance was quite short-lived and collapsed with the expansion of the Football league. With the passage of time, the England Football league became quite popular among the working class. This resulted in the development of large stadiums that could accommodate huge crowds. The divisions of the Football league further expanded to 2 teams in 1919.

Rise Of Professional

Football was getting more attention to the working class. This led to the rising of professional football teams who were very much expert in their approach and techniques. The increased professionalism in the arena of football further led to the spreading of the sport to other countries.

Hooliganism As A Problem In England Football

During the era of the 1970s and 1980s, vandalism became a great menace for England football. Matters became much worse with the Heysel Stadium disaster. Because of the widespread hooliganism in football, the English football teams serve a ban for five years from European football. Along with the players, the attendees to suffer a lot. It was in 1995 that the authority finally intervened to address the problem of hooliganism.

Finally, the English team gained back their lost positions. They again took part in various competitions.

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