7 Basic Equipment Of Soccer Every Player Should Have

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Soccer is a game of continuous movement where every player has to be in running motion. No matter where the ball is, your eyes should be on the ball and your feet moving towards it. Like every other game, there is some soccer equipment that every player needs. 

The list of equipment for soccer isn’t very long, but there are only a few that are important that you can’t skip. So let’s start and see what soccer equipment you should have. 

List Of Seven Equipment Of Soccer

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Generally, uniforms are not counted under the equipment of soccer. But players of the soccer league required a standard uniform first of all. This will include a simple t-shirt with a matching jersey, shorts and of course socks. Some leagues issue uniforms to players, and some ask players to order for themselves. 

Practice Clothes

You are not going to wear your uniform for practice. They are typically reserved and meant to wear only for leagues. So apart from uniform, you need practice clothing that includes t-shirts, shorts, socks, and cleats. Make sure you get a sweat-wicking material to keep yourself cool and dry during warm and sweaty weather. 

Soccer Cleats

After your skills, practice, and talent on the ground, if anything matters, then it is the kind of cleats you are wearing. So basically, cleats are the important equipment of soccer. There are specific soccer cleats designed for soccer players. Cleats have a good grip on the ground and prevent slipping. 

Shin Guards

Shin guards are protective equipment for soccer which are highly recommended to have. They rest at the front of the shin and protect it from fast-moving balls and kicks. So for the protection of your shin from any unfortunate injury, don’t forget to get them. 

Soccer Socks

Just like you need special soccer shoes called cleats, you are required to have special socks as well. Soccer is a game of continuous movement, and soccer socks are designed to absorb the sweat in the feet. They are considered another essential equipment of soccer that goes all the way up to shin guard. 

Soccer Ball

How can we forget soccer balls when we are talking about soccer equipment? Although in a match, only one ball is allowed on the ground. But for practice purposes, every player should have a personal soccer ball. Only get a soccer ball of good quality instead of a cheap one. 

Goalkeeper Gloves

Gloves are the equipment of soccer that only the goalkeeper wears. If you are in the position of goalkeeper, then you will need special gloves. These special gloves from soccer equipment are designed to support the wrists while they allow fingers to move. 


A close up of a football ball on a green field

Now all you have to focus on is your practice and winning goals for the team. These are basic but essential equipment for soccer that you need while you’re a beginner. And even if you are a professional, this soccer equipment is not negotiable. You will have to get it.

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