5 Awesome Soccer Foot Drills

5 Awesome Soccer Foot Drills

Soccer is a trendy sport in various countries of the world. This sport requires stamina, strength, speed, and skills. There are multiple ways to boost endurance and strength. However, the only way to master skills is to practice. The soccer foot drills are the basic foundation of this game. Hence, you must develop foot skills and drills properly. It can increase the chances to get success in the game. In this article, we describe the five excellent soccer foot drills with proper steps. Therefore, football lovers must read the article attentively.

5 Awesome Soccer Foot Drills
5 Awesome Soccer Foot Drills

Toe Touches: Soccer Foot Drills

This drill can train you to control the ball in the game. You will able to learn moving the ball forward and backward underside of feet. Follow these steps to learn this drill.

  • Set two cones at a distance of around 10-15 yards.
  • Now, begin from any cone. Then, roll the ball in the forward direction through alternating touches using the foot sole.
  • In the halfway, turn quickly. Now, move backward and pull the ball along through alternating touches with foot sole.
  • After reaching the cone two, repeat this to cone one.
  • Try to keep the ball near your body.
  • Repeat it ten times.

Sole Rolls

This drill will train the players to move the ball laterally with underside feet. The steps for this drill are as follows.

  • Set two cones 10-15 yards away from each other.
  • Next to anyone cone, line up in a lateral stance.
  • Roll the ball in the forward direction the sole on trail leg.
  • Use your other leg for stepping.
  • Continue it till you reach the other end.
  • Repeat this technique for ten times.

Outside-Inside Touches

Using this skill drill, the player will learn to use outside and inside surface of the foot for controlling the ball. The following are the steps for this drill.

  • Set two cones at a distance of 10-15 yards.
  • You can begin the drill from any cone. Touch the ball using the outside of the right foot and next with the inside of the same foot. Then, touch the ball with inside and then outside the left foot.
  • Your toe must point down as you touch the ball.
  • Continue this procedure until you reach point two.
  • Repeat this sequence for at least 10 to 12 times.
5 Awesome Soccer Foot Drills

Step Over Rolls

This drill helps to train a different variation of the sole rolls. It makes the player get comfortable will the ball having underneath them.

  • Set two cones 10 to 15 yards separated from each other.
  • Roll the ball with one foot having the step over. Change the feet with every roll.
  • You must perform it in a walking fashion in the beginning.
  • Follow the same procedure until you reach the second cone.
  • Perform repetition for at least ten times.

Pullbacks: Soccer Foot Drills

It helps to build proper balance and dribbling techniques.

  • First of all, take a ball and step over it.
  • Pull it back using your left foot.
  • Now, using inside of your left foot tap it behind you.
  • Repeat that same technique using your right foot.
  • Perform this technique for 15 to 20 seconds to complete one repetition.
  • Repeat it for 8-10 times.
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