4 General Ohsaa Soccer Rules Of Interscholastic Participation

ohsaa soccer rules

OHSAA- Ohio High School Athletic Association, from the United States. It has been a non-profit organization since 1970 for athletic programs for junior and senior high schools in Ohio state. This organization organizes various tournaments like Cross country, Football, Golf, Soccer, Bowling, Ice Hockey, Swimming, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Baseball, Track and field, Tennis, Lacrosse, etc. Here we will be talking about Ohsaa Soccer rules for both boys and girls.

Division Of Ohsaa Soccer Rules

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Interscholastic Participation

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Rule 1 of Ohsaa soccer rules is that players cannot participate in more than three halves during any one day. Players are not even allowed to participate in 42 halves in a whole season. If the player engages in more than three halves in one day, the player will be disqualified. Any part of the half is counted as one half.

Any scheduled regular-season games in soccer that are not started due to unforeseen situations, such as the team’s failure to arrive, strikes, school closing, is “No Contest.”

If any tournament is disturbed by the Ohsaa authority, it shall continue from the point of interruption.

Ohsaa Soccer game shall consist of 2 halves of, Varsity: 40 minutes, Junior Varsity and Freshmen: 36 minutes, Junior High: 30 minutes.

Out-Of-State Travel

Teams from out of state may travel to one time per interscholastic season to compete in contest scrimmages, previews, and games in states or provinces in Canada that are contiguous to Ohio regardless of the distance to travel.

States- Kentucky, Michigan, West Virginia, Indiana, Pennsylvania.

Province- Ontario.

The teams can travel without disturbing the school time of students so that they don’t miss education.

Disqualification Or Ejection For Unsporting Conduct

Players And Bench Personnel

If the soccer player or bench personnel is receiving a subsequent caution, or “double yellow” shall be considered “disqualified” and shall be ineligible to participate for the remainder of the contest.

If the player or bench personnel receives a Red Card, then they will be considered ejected and restricted from the game for the whole day.


The coaches will be considered disqualified upon receiving a subsequent caution or “double yellow” and shall be ineligible to participate for the contest’s remainder.

If any player receives a Red Card, then they will be considered ejected and restricted from the game for the whole day.

Transfer Bylaw

All questions regarding the transfer bylaw should be addressed to the particular school administration. Be aware that those who transferred and should not meet an exception to the transfer bylaw, and participated in high school soccer within 12 months of the transfer date, are ineligible for all regular-season contests, scrimmage. Participation of such players is against the Ohsaa Soccer rules.


There are many Ohsaa soccer rulers’ rules such as non-interscholastic participation, interaction programs, and penalties, but these are of the Interscholastic participation. Players must follow these Ohsaa soccer rules and sportsmanship to maintain the dignity of the game and their respective games.

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