3 Types Of Must-Have Youth Soccer Gear

Youth Soccer Gear

Are you ready to hit the soccer field? Or has your kid joined the team? But do you have everything they need to start soccer season on the right foot? It is crucial to have the right Youth soccer gear that includes apparel, footwear, etc., which is vital for every practice and game. A basic understanding of youth soccer gear and its uses will make your shopping a little easier. At the youth soccer level, the equipment is relatively simple and easy to find. A well-stocked soccer bag should have the following youth soccer gear.

Apparel For Youth Soccer Gear

A boy holding a football ball on a field

The basic apparels of youth soccer gear are soccer shirt, soccer shorts, soccer socks.

Your casual shirts will also work but picking up some with moisture-wicking material will be better. Keep with yourself at least one extra shirt, pair of shorts, and socks in a plastic zip bag. These additional apparel came in handy in wet conditions. Wearing wet clothes for too long should be avoided since it can cause chafing and blisters. The long soccer socks are different from regular socks that go up and over the shin guards.

It should have the following items:

Soccer shirt

Soccer shorts

Warmup pants

Soccer socks

Long Sleeve shirt

Cold-weather compression/baselayer

Shoes For Youth Soccer Gear

A close up of a football field

A pair of slides or flip flops are also essential youth soccer gear because Cleats will last longer if you wear them on the soccer field. So consider wearing sliders to and from games is a good idea.

Soccer cleats

Indoor soccer shoes



Equipment For

The various equipment necessary in youth soccer gear is a water bottle, soccer bag, soccer ball, shin guards, and Keepers: Goalie gloves, pants, and shirts. Shin is to protect from errant kicks and fast-moving balls. Goalkeeper gloves are designed to support the wrists while allowing freedom of movement in the fingers. Invest in a high-quality ball instead of a cheap foam ball that doesn’t give your player a real feel for soccer play.

Youth Soccer Gear- Inside The Bag

This youth soccer gear should light in weight and handy. It should have an emergency contact and first-aid kits for emergencies. Other safety items in youth soccer gear are knee and elbow bandages, bug bite aid, bug spray, etc. Few things for personal care like sunscreen, lip balm, protein bars, or other healthy snacks. If you need an EpiPen or inhaler, that should always be in a bag. The other youth soccer gear items to keep in bags are extra hairbands, small towels, trash bags for muddy clothes and shoes, and popsicle sticks for cleaning cleats.


Soccer is the most popular and watched sport in the whole world. From young children to the elderly have an endless fascination with soccer. Everyone can enjoy soccer and its low-cost game still, it is necessary to have some youth soccer gear or comfort and safety of players. Only having the ball in the field is not enough. Don’t forget these essential youth soccer gear for the next practice.

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