25 Soccer Sensational Facts

25 Facts About Soccer

Soccer is one of the most interesting outdoor game one could ever imagine, Moreover, with a team of 11 players in an oval ground, it provides the viewers with constant non-stop mind-boggling situations. Let’s have a look at 25 soccer sensational facts:

25 Facts About Soccer
25 Facts About Soccer

25 Sensational Facts About Soccer

Soccer is the only game in the world, which prevents the use of the hand in manipulating the object of the game, in this case, it is the football.

  • FIFA(Federation International de Football Association) is the self-proclaimed governing organization handling every sort of activities related to soccer.
  • FIFA is one of the most viewed sports events throughout the world.
  • Football is the common word used for Soccer everywhere but for the U.S. The English name for this game means the game which played on one’s feet.
  • Uruguay is the country which hosted World Cup Football in the year 1930 for the 1st time. Uruguay won the match beating 13 other countries.
  • Soccer is an inspired game which Chinese origin. That game was invented by a Chinese king named Huan-Ti in 1697 BC. This game made the players kick a leather ball which was packed with hair and cork.
  • The Britons, the early dwellers of England played a similar game like Soccer where the player kicked around the head of a  dead(sacrificed) animal.
  •  There is a British legend which states a story of a soccer player, where he leaves the pitch looking for the ball which fell into a river. When he arrived at the pitch once again for continuing with the game, the teams found another replacement for the lost soccer ball and already was done with the game. The protagonist’s team lost the match.
  • The North African Barbers followed a fertility rite which resembled the soccer game.
  • The ground which is used for playing soccer is termed as ‘pitch’
  • Soccer is considered to be one of the highest-earning sport, compared to any other sport in the world.
25 Facts About Soccer
25 Facts About Soccer

Best Known Soccer Sensational Facts

  1. The Britons, played a similar sport resembling soccer, the ball used symbolized the sun. Moreover, the game had a religious significance
  2. Pele is the best footballer in the entire century, till date. He who is of Brazilian origin came into the limelight at the age of 11, professionally started playing from age 16 and scored some excellent six goals that lead Brazil to win World cup for the first time
  3. Pele was with football playing offers by several European football teams. To stop this commotion, the Brazilian government declared Pele to be an official national treasure.

Soccer Sensational Facts Around The World

  1. The world cup of Chile has an interesting story behind. An earth-quack was responsible for damaging Chile two years prior to hosting the world cup.
  2. World-famous footballer Francisco dos Santos came into this world with a number of birth defects. Fighting all those deformities, he was successful in making his name famous by hitting 5 goals for Brazil in World Cup for consecutive three years.
  3. Pele all over his football career made 1280 goals in 1360 games.

Historical Facts

  1. A professional soccer player hitting a goal per game is similar to scoring a home run per baseball match.
  2. In 1970 after Brazil won the World Cup, the headings in London Sunday came with ‘ How do you spell Pele?G-O-D’.
  3. In 1930 FIFA came into existence. And in the year 1993 Women World Cup came into existence.
  4. In 1982, the footballer Diego Maradona used his hands in scoring a goal. The referee when wanted an explanation, he stated that it was the ‘hand of the god’ who scored the goal.
  5. The Londoner during the Middle Ages played an aggressive form of soccer.
  6. Furthermore, Soccer was sinful by Puritans in the year 1600.
  7. U.S rejected hosting the soccer world cup on which Guimarwes Octavio Moreover, Pinto stated that hosting the world cup in the U.S be like hosting World series in Brazil.
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